Alphaflow®Emollients and gloss agents
Biomethics® EmulsifiersEmulsifiers
Creaester® ET ISO 16128Moisture barrier, silicone substitute, UV-filter solubiliser
Creaester® MCPEmulsifier
Creagel® CrystalGellified lipids and viscosity modifiers
Creagel® EZAuto-emulsifiers and viscosity builders
Creagel® EZ VFGel-emulsifier, viscosity builder
Creanatural®Skin conditioners and antioxidants
Creasil®Solvents, glossiers and film formers
Creaspheres®Texturizers and dry lubricants
Creaspheres® SIL ColourIntense colourant, soft focus agent, texturizer, dry binder
Creasterol® ISO 16128Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Dedraflow®Photostable emollients
Dedraflow® ISO 16128Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Fiflow®Anti-age actives
Hectone®Pre-dispersed organoclays
Hydrasoft®Water soluble viscosity and texture modifiers
Meadowfoam Seed Oil and derivates ISO 16128Vegetable oil, emollient, anti-inflammatory
Micromatrix® FractilePolymeric matrix
Nordic Beauty Aqua FinlandiaWater
Nordic Beauty Aqua FinlandiaOat oil
Nordic Beauty Berry ExtractsBerries
Nordic Beauty BirchBirch Sap
Nordic Beauty Brassica Finlandia
Nordic Beauty FlaxseedExfoliant, Flaxseed Scrub
Nordic Beauty PeatPeat
Nordic Beauty Pine Bark ExtractPine Bark
NovaPowder®Absorbent and tezturizing powder
Novatext®Silicone based texture modifiers
Novatext® Nude ISO 16128Texture modifier, soft focus agent, colourant
Novatext® Soft Focus ISO 16128Texture modifier, soft focus agent
Nylonpoly®Texturizing powders
Nylonpoly® ColourIntense colourant, mattifier, texturizer, dry binder, anti-caking
Oligolides®Actives based on trace elements
Pelavie® ISO 16128Clays
Soluble DyesHydrosoluble Colours, Liposoluble Colours
Vegeflow®Silicone substitute, emollient