Alphaflow®Emollients and gloss agents
Biomethics® EmulsifiersEmulsifiers
Creagel® CrystalGellified lipids and viscosity modifiers
Creagel® EZAuto-emulsifiers and viscosity builders
Creasil®Solvents, glossiers and film formers
Creasperse® CCColour shade dispersions for CC creams and SPF foundations
Creasperse® UVUV-filters
Dedraflow®Photostable emollients
Eospoly® ColourColourant, UV-filter, soft focus agent
Eospoly® UVUV-filters with soft focus effect
Hectone®Pre-dispersed organoclays
Hydrasoft®Water soluble viscosity and texture modifiers
Novatext®Silicone based texture modifiers
Nylonpoly®Texturizing powders
Oligolides®Actives based on trace elements